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19 PhD Programs in Professional Studies Social Science 2024



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    PhD Programs in Professional Studies Social Science

    Involving in-depth studies of a specific field and usually requiring the creation of a doctoral dissertation as part of the necessary coursework, a PhD is an advanced degree. It can be the final degree you work towards after completing your bachelor's and master’s degrees.

    What is a PhD in Social Science? The field of social science focuses on understanding and working with people. This degree can focus on a few overlapping concepts and generally takes an interdisciplinary approach to give you a wide range of skills. Some of the coursework you engage in can include studying history, law, geography and sociology. You may focus a lot on how different types of people and cultures interact, and how problem-solving can be managed for both groups and individuals.

    This degree can give you social skills that help you to be more successful in personal relationships. Problem-solving skills can be used to help you to overcome obstacles in your life, and a good knowledge of law and government can help you stay up-to-date on current issues and events.

    Cost can be an important factor to consider when thinking about entering a degree program. Comparing schools and considering the possible options for taking classes online can help you find a program that suits your lifestyle and budget.

    Among the many careers that can be available for somebody with a PhD in Social Science, perhaps the most straightforward is to become a social worker. With this high-level degree, you could also become a professor or teacher at a school. Some other possibilities for jobs can be becoming a historian, anthropologist, or political scientist. You may work as a researcher and contribute to many fields related to social science.

    Since there can be many institutions that offer PhD programs, it can benefit you to explore different options before making a decision. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.