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University of Prince Edward Island PhD in Molecular and Macromolecular Sciences
University of Prince Edward Island

PhD in Molecular and Macromolecular Sciences

Charlottetown, Canada

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This program is one of two doctoral programs offered by the Faculty of Science, the other of which being the PhD in Environmental Sciences. This research-intensive PhD program brings together researchers from the faculty of science at UPEI to tackle the chemistry, physics, and biology of molecules big and small. The program involves graduate-level courses, a dissertation, candidacy examination and final oral defense while developing unique connections to the business aspects of the growing field. While the focus is on developing an expertise in the chemistry and/or physics of molecules and macromolecules, students will also engage in three MBA-level business courses key to applying scientific concepts and principles in the business world. Students will also participate in a capstone experience where they will be paired with a company to integrate their trans-discipline knowledge.

Research projects span a wide range of molecular and macromolecular sciences (MMS)--from synthetic and analytical work on biodegradable polymers, marine natural products, supramolecular systems and intercalation chemistry to theoretical studies on molecules, materials and movement to applied research in imaging, drug delivery, and batteries.

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