Best Doctoral Degrees in Business Studies in Middle East 2019/2020

Requirements for the PhD program often involve the student having already obtained a Master’s degree. Additionally, a thesis or dissertation primarily consisting of original academic research must be submitted. In some countries, this work may even need to be defended in front of a panel.

Students who would like to work in the world of commerce should highly consider taking business studies. This academic program will help students develop skills in employee management, money management, marketing, leadership, and business ethics.

Doctorate Program in Business Studies in Middle East

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PhD in Entrepreneurship

University of Tehran, Kish International Campus
Campus Full-time Part-time September 2019 Iran Tehran

The Ph.D. program of Entrepreneurship at UTKIC focuses on training the students to be able to create the social and economic value by developing core capabilities of idea generation, opportunity recognition, resource acquisition, and entrepreneurial management. In UTKIC both predictive and creative approaches to all aspects of launching, growing and expanding businesses and organizations are taught, providing a broad skill-set for business and also providing highly customized paths for a variety of business contexts, including new ventures, franchises, corporate ventures, local and international companies.


University of Dubai
Campus Full-time 4 weeks September 2019 United Arab Emirates Dubai

By the end of the Ph.D. program, the candidate is expected to have fulfilled the following learning objectives: Develop key pioneering research questions that can be explored empirically to provide innovative and creative solutions to specific problems; Explore advanced theoretical knowledge to develop research skills through original research; Integrate advanced knowledge into managerial and organizational contexts and roles; Prepare for teaching responsibilities in higher education (for those who expect to enter the teaching profession)

PhD in Business Administration

Izmir University of Economics
Campus Full-time 5 years September 2019 Turkey Izmir

Ph.D. Program in Business Administration is completely customizable and is open to executives who want to gain theoretical knowledge in business or aspiring academicians.Students are provided with the opportunity to specialize in one of six sub-branches of Business Administration. These branches are Management, Marketing, Accounting, Production and Technology Management, and Logistics Management.

PhD in Political Science and International Relations

Izmir University of Economics
Campus Full-time 4 years September 2019 Turkey Izmir

The program offers the PhD candidates the main courses of Current Issues in International Relations, Comparative Politics, Turkish Political Life, Political Theory and Research Methods as well as a wide variety of 30 elective courses under five different “fields of specialization”: “International Relations”, “Comparative Politics”, “Turkish Politics”, “European Politics” and “Political Theory”.

PhD in Finance

Eastern Mediterranean University Faculty of Business and Economics
Campus Full-time 2 - 5 years September 2019 Cyprus Famagusta Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus + 1 more

The Ph.D in Finance provides students the opportunity to specialize in the field of finance and banking by offering graduate courses and thesis at the doctoral level. The program is designed to provide a strong foundation in financial theory as well as applied financial econometrics skills.

PhD in International Relations

Eastern Mediterranean University Faculty of Business and Economics
Campus Full-time 2 - 5 years September 2019 Cyprus Famagusta Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus + 1 more

The Ph.D. Program develops candidates’ skills in international political analysis and prepares them for an academic career through a focus on research skills and professional socialization into the International Relations (IR) discipline.

PhD in Economics

Eastern Mediterranean University Faculty of Business and Economics
Campus Full-time 2 - 5 years September 2019 Cyprus Famagusta Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus + 1 more

The objective of the Ph.D. program in economics at Eastern Mediterranean University is to equip its graduates with the skills in economic theory, quantitative methods and policy analysis to be able to teach economics at an advanced level, and to conduct economic research and analyze economic problems and policies with a highest level of professionalism.


Eastern Mediterranean University Faculty of Business and Economics
Campus Full-time 2 - 5 years September 2019 Cyprus Famagusta Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus + 1 more

The Business Administration Doctoral Program admits students who are interested in pursuing research mainly in areas related to marketing, human resources and organizational behaviour, and entrepreneurship.

PhD in Business Administration

Okan University
Campus Full-time September 2019 Turkey Istanbul

Okan University Business Administration Doctorate Program, having revised its programs accordingly, offers a rich selection of concentration areas in order to meet the unique career needs of our students. Our world-class faculty members from diverse backgrounds provide a balance of theory and practice in the execution of the curriculum.

PhD in Business Administration

University of Nicosia
Campus Full-time Part-time 3 years Request Info Cyprus Nicosia + 1 more

The degree encompasses an active participatory learning style as appropriate and participants are encouraged to develop knowledge and skills through group and individual projects, ranging from the presentation of their own work to active critique tasks.

PhD in Business Administration

Yasar University
Campus Full-time 4 years Request Info Turkey Izmir

This programme aims to meet the needs of future business leaders. It approaches business administration from a wide perspective and incorporates a national and international outlook. It combines theoretical knowledge with project work and applies research into real-life situations. Students on the programme are given every opportunity to become proficient in the areas of capital marketing and finance, international business, human resource management, marketing communication, risk management, and retail management.

PhD In Business Administration

Koc University - Istanbul Turkey
Campus Full-time 4 years September 2020 Turkey Istanbul

Koç PhD program's main focus is to train students to become influential research scholars in their field of study at top universities worldwide. Interested students should desire an academic position at a top university, and possess the motivation and ability to attain this goal. For this reason, our program is not an appropriate option for people planning to work in the industry.

PhD in Business Administration

European University Cyprus
Campus Full-time September 2019 Cyprus Nicosia

This is a program designed for highly motivated students wishing to acquire advanced research and intellectual (analytical) skills in the area of business administration. The aim of the program is to prepare a generation of highly effective Ph.D. scholars aiming to pursue careers in the academia or consulting in the private or public sector. The program provides students with a solid theoretical background and the opportunity to conduct innovative, highly focused research in business administration, for the purpose of creating new knowledge.

PhD in Business Administration

Istanbul Sehir University
Campus Full-time 4 years September 2019 Turkey Istanbul

The aim of our graduate ​program is to help you build and develop the necessary leadership, administrative, and managerial skills needed in order to be successful in the global business world. Our programs are constructed with the awareness of contemporary academic and professional knowledge as unique and dynamic programs specific to the Turkish business world.

PhD in Business Administration

Unicaf University (ZM)
Campus Online Full-time Part-time Open Enrollment Cyprus Larnaca USA New York Greece Athens Romania Bucharest United Kingdom London Egypt Cairo Ghana Accra Malawi Lilongwe Mauritius Port Louis Kenya Nairobi Nigeria Lagos Somalia Mogadishu Zambia Lusaka Jordan Irbid Cyprus Online + 28 more

The goal of the Ph.D. programme is to prepare the next generation of leading researchers. The Ph.D. is a programme of independent, self-directed academic research degree, supported by a team of supervisors that makes an original contribution to knowledge written up in a publishable dissertation.