Doctorates in Arabic in AL Ain United Arab Emirates

A Doctor of Philosophy degree, short Ph.D is an advanced academic degree earned in various fields, signifying major interests and accomplishments in research.

The study of Arabic enables students to gain a deeper understanding of the Arabic language. Scholars also learn how to appropriately apply the language to a variety of settings, such as business, education and everyday interactions.

AL Ain is a city located in the United Arab Emirates where it is ranked as the fourth largest. It is renowned for its green landscape which has earned it the name “Garden City.” It hosts the main federal university alongside a handful of other institutes.

Best Doctor of Philosophy in Arabic in AL Ain in United Arab Emirates

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Arabic Language

Aug 2021
4 years
28 Feb 2021

The Ph.D. Program in Arabic Language and Literature aims at preparing students to be scholars and specialists in this field with an open mind and horizon to relative disciplin ...

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