Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


Program Description

The European Business University of Luxembourg’s Online Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is a professional Online doctoral degree designed to enhance executive and professional practice through the application of theory and research into complex issues in business and management.

The program will be of particular benefit to experienced senior executives, consultants, management educators, and business school academics. It will enhance one’s professional capability and credibility, develop networks, and provide a firm foundation for further career development or a major career move. Employers benefit from supporting candidates for the DBA by attracting, developing, and retaining key talent and building knowledge for competitive advantage.

Campus Luxembourg Wiltz

Students will be invited to participate in campus week events and seminars once before they graduate, However, participation in more than one campus week is also allowed and encouraged. During campus week, students will complete end of term exams, visit companies and notable industries, and socialize and network with each other.

Luxembourg is not only a financial hub but a multicultural city and seat of many European institutions. Between tradition and modernity. You will be able to enjoy different landscapes of nature parks, medieval castles, and numerous hiking or mountain biking trails throughout the region. Luxembourg and the Chateau Wiltz welcome you.

The scheduled completion time is 18 months.

The tuition fee is €36000. Scholarships from €3600 to €7200 are available to students on a competitive basis.

Students completing this Doctorate pursue careers in:

  • Management Analyst
  • C-Level Executive
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Professor
  • Economist

DBA Program Learning Outcomes

The European Business University of Luxembourg’s DBA will enable you to:

  • Develop a sound understanding of the relevant conceptual and theoretical underpinnings of your chosen area of research into business and management.
  • Have a detailed understanding of applicable techniques for research and advanced academic and management inquiry.
  • Create and interpret knowledge through original research. Enhance both your performance as a reflective practitioner and your professional practice.
  • Develop personal, consultancy, and research competences to undertake rigorous research at an advanced level that contributes to theory and practice in business and management.


Program Structure

Term I (October - December)

DBA100 Contemporary Challenges in Business (4 ECTS)

  • Change management
  • Crisis management
  • Innovation, and disruptive technology

DBA101 Organizational Leadership: Doctoral Theory and Practice (4 ECTS)

  • Organizational culture
  • Leadership styles
  • Leadership strategies
  • Ethical dilemmas

DBA102 Business Literature Review (4 ECTS)

  • Business literature review
  • Research design
  • Library tools

DBA103 Research Methods I (4 ECTS)

  • Questionnaire design
  • Regression
  • Multivariate techniques

Term II (January - March)

DBA200 Qualitative and Quantitative Methodology (4 ECTS)

  • Frameworks for inquiry
  • Correlation
  • Survey
  • Grounded theory
  • Ethnography

DBA201 Dissertation Design (4 ECTS)

  • Dissertation research topic
  • Research questions
  • Written and oral reports

DBA202 Dissertation Research I (4 ECTS)

  • Applied dissertation proposal project
  • Data collection and analysis

DBA203 Research Methods II (4 ECTS)

  • Business Research methods/tools
  • Data preparation
  • Multivariate analysis
  • Dependence techniques

Term III (April - June)

DBA300 Dissertation Research Proposal (4 ECTS)

  • Empirical support
  • Analysis discussion
  • Project plan
  • Presentation of proposal to faculty

DBA301 Dissertation Research II (4 ECTS)

  • Applied dissertation research proposal - project plan

DBA302 Research Methods III (4 ECTS)

  • Interdependence techniques
  • Structural equation modeling

DBA303 Ethics in Business and Management (4 ECTS)

  • Ethical decision-making models
  • Ethical skills

Dissertation (12 ECTS)

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